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Autumn break and a joined lunch

Today I look outside and see the rain and the autumn colored leaves...

It really is autumn! But last Sunday we had a very different picture fortunately!

Jimy and I had cleaned the conservatory on the Rading nicely, the tables nicely set, a bouquet of Toma flowers on the table, the starter was warm, and the main course was in the oven... we were ready for the guests!

When the first ones arrived and we walked outside to receive them, we noticed that the weather was really nice... really warm in the sun. So .... with all the guests quickly moved the whole lot outside and we had a lovely lunch in the warm sun!

It was a great success, we received compliments from all sides and we will certainly repeat this.

We also heard again that there is a real need for tasty vegetarian food in Hilversum and the surrounding area, so a dinner is also in our planning!

This week we don't have a takeaway menu, it's autumn holidays and so a little time for home but also to think about how we can organize those lunches and dinners.

Tasty greetings from Jimy and Frederique

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